Eventos España Peces was born from the prettiest love story ever told


Passion for the worlds of flamenco, bullfighting and business, has turned a hobby, a bit of fun, into a project that grows daily step by step, despite a challenging environment.


We have encountered many difficulties, the occasional stumble, many good words, a few deeds and many closed doors. But also very good people, excellent artists, wonderful human beings who have helped us continue to advance and grow.


If I were to pinpoint the birth of EVENTOS ESPAÑA PECES, it would be April 2, 2019, although our first event was not held until August 3.


We have been going for something over a year now, progressing slowly but surely, and we believe the time has come to share our modus operandi, our philosophy and our passion for flamenco and live music. We are going to make live flamenco necessary, important, and GREAT.


We are in love with the world of flamenco, and above all, with live music. We do what we can to reach the maximum number of people who are also in love with this world. The bulls and flamenco merge into a single show that infuses its spectators with art.


We believe in culture, in roots, in folklore and in live music. We believe in live flamenco. And that is why we pour all our longing and our passion into each event that we create and organize, to become a benchmark for flamenco.


Our logo was born from a clear concept, conceived in the mind of its creator. And of course, the person in charge of the design, executor of all our thoughts and ideas, made it a reality: a bull with the flag of Spain with the irons of the creators of España Peces and with three A’s in one.


The head office location houses the operations center, the bricks and mortar store and the warehouse.



The success of any company is undoubtedly its human component. We are privileged to be supported by the best team of people.
Natalia Peces, our CEO is the creator, the fountain of ideas, flamenco is in her very blood. She emanates possibilities, passion, strength, impetus, desire, enthusiasm, and is the ENGINE of EVENTOS ESPAÑA PECES.
The design and layout team are generous with their talent and patience, expressed in the precision of their design. No detail is overlooked.
The organization, communication and event management team solve the impossible. They work with order, efficiency, discipline and attention to details with the greatest of care in order for you to enjoy flamenco ALWAYS.